• Lost to time is the Twisted Tempest, a set of metal spheres shaped by and imbued with the power of the elements, forged in the heart of the Elemental Convergence.

    "Aeloria stood there, unafraid, her body battered by the roaring storm, the earth beneath her feet trembling with rage, flames danced on her skin while raging waters surged around her feet. It was there, amidst this chaos of nature, that she captured a fragment of each element with the metal spheres she had forged in secret." ~ Aeloria's Tale, Chapter Sixteen

    When used, the Twisted Tempest set calls upon the forces of nature to aid or challenge their owner. Flames might engulf their foes, torrents of water might heal their wounds, the earth might shield them from harm, and lightning might strike them with uncanny precision.

    July 29, 2023