Candy Corn Calamity

Candy Corn Calamity


The Great Candy Corn Calamity of ’09 almost drowned the citizens of Oldfell in layer upon layer of the three-colored sweets.

“To this day the Calamity is only talked about in hushed tones when All Hallow’s Eve approaches, because no one knows what or who caused it…”

As a reminder of the Candy Corn Calamity adventurers who visit the yearly Remembrance are granted a chance to win a set of these three-colored dice. What’s the catch? They must enter a competition to see who can eat the most Candy Corn without getting sick…

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This set of white, orange and yellow dice – with glitters! – comes with a choice of color for the numbers: silver, gold or black. Each set is custom made and takes me about three to five days to cast, sand, polish and paint.

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of these dice each set is unique and will have minor variations/differences in appearance. This only adds to the charm of these Halloween-themed dice of course! Every set is shipped with an orange or black Halloween organza dice bag for safe keeping, along with a small Halloween surprise!

* Witch Cat (by Nemesis Now) not included.


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