My name is Diana, and I am a self-taught creator who specializes in making polyhedral dice. I stumbled upon this hobby several years ago when I was searching for a unique set to start off my first journey as a tabletop gamer.

After finding the perfect set – or so I thought! – I kept on looking at new sets. I soon discovered that ‘hoarding dice’ is an almost integral part of tabletop gaming! I started my research by watching by watching tutorials about using different materials and techniques to create  your own dice. Over time, I got confident enough to try my hand at first making my own mold and then casting my first set. The set looked pretty good – obviously! (ahem) – but I soon realized that after casting comes… sanding and polishing! Since I had no no idea how to sand and polish properly, this meant watching more dice making tutorials. After quite a lot of tries – and fails! – I can now confidently say that my sets are on par with most other hand-made ones!

One of the things I love most about creating a matching set is the opportunity to exercise my creativity. I am constantly inspired by the endless possibilities of color combinations, shapes, and finishes I come across. Sometimes I’m inspired by sets made by others, sometimes I’m inspired by hobbies or friends. I also love the community that surrounds tabletop gaming and the sense of satisfaction that comes from creating something others can enjoy.

Overall, my passion for creating dice is a source of joy in my life. I love the challenge of carefully crafting a set after imagining new colors and patters, and then seeing how something I thought of comes to life. I’m constantly on the lookout for  more inspiration and new ways to create what I hope are innovative designs that will delight not just myself but everyone who sees them!