Wooden Dice Vault

Wooden Dice Vault


Wooden dice vault made from beech with resin inlay on the lid, holds two sets of dice.

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This wooden dice vault can comfortably hold two sets of dice of either regular or slightly larger than average size. Eight magnets ensure that it stays firmly shut while being carried. The lid can function as a very small rolling tray, though it’s advised to only use it with resin dice to avoid dents (from metal dice) or risking your gemstone dice getting chipped.

The vault is made from beech wood and is inlaid with different colors of resin which gives each vault a unique pattern. Due to the somewhat porous nature of beech you might see a bit of ‘color leakage’ on the lid, which cannot be avoided entirely and it part of its individual beauty.

* Dice, dinosaur and the Child/Grogu not included.

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Weight 0,222 kg
Dimensions 18,2 × 8,4 × 3,3 cm


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