• The Great Candy Corn Calamity of '09 almost drowned the citizens of Oldfell in layer upon layer of the three-colored sweets.

    "To this day the Calamity is only talked about in hushed tones when All Hallow's Eve approaches, because no one knows what or who caused it..."

    As a reminder of the Candy Corn Calamity adventurers who visit the yearly Remembrance are granted a chance to win a set of these three-colored dice. What's the catch? They must enter a competition to see who can eat the most Candy Corn without getting sick...

    February 24, 2023

  • Trapped in transparent resin these glittering silver crystals will bloom forever.

    "These magical stones are a perfect companion for an adventurer like you who's bound to cross paths with wraiths, devils, lycanthropes or other such monsters! No, no, take them, free of charge. May they bring you more luck than the last fellow I sold them to..."

    February 25, 2023