• Want to wear a die that compliments your outfit? Want to keep your luckiest die with you wherever you go? Or do you just want to show off that simply divine D20 you collected?

    This pendant is the fashion accessory of choice for you! The Chain Jail Charm is a versatile piece of jewelry that gives you the option to swap D20s at a whim.

    February 3, 2024

  • Tired of Lost-and-Found Barbarians? Fed up with Wrong-Way Warlocks? Exhausted of chasing after Drifting Druids?

    Come to Trak 'n Trayce where we have the solution for you! These handy-dandy Compass Dice will always show your party which way not to go, so come on over and get yours today!

    "This is the Way."

    April 23, 2023