Compass Dice

Compass Dice


Tired of Lost-and-Found Barbarians? Fed up with Wrong-Way Warlocks? Exhausted of chasing after Drifting Druids? Trak ‘n Trayce has the solution for you! These handy-dandy Compass Dice will always show your party which way not to go, so come on over and get yours today!

“This is the Way.”

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Available with white or silver numbers, these Compass D20s come with a real, working compass inside! Roll for initiative or use them to roleplay a perpetually-lost character. Whichever way you use them, you’re sure to never lose your way again. As you can see in the photo with a regular liquid core D20, these Compass Dice are a fair bit larger and thus less prone to being misplaced or lost.

Each dice is shipped in a small, plastic container that can be used for safekeeping as well. Like with all other sets, this D20 comes with a small dice bag included!

* Dinosaur not included.



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