Shimmering Sands


Living magic caught in liquid, swirling and shimmering, always trying to escape its confines.

“There’s no such thing as living magic!” – Theran, Head Wizard of Umbril, two days before his remains were found in a locked room amidst the broken glass of a Shimmering Sand orb.

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These sharp edge dice with copper-colored flakes contain a swirling liquid core with pearlescent glitter. When your set arrives you might notice that the glitters in the liquid core have settled at the bottom. Don’t worry: a good shake or several firm rolls will get the glitter floating again!

Caution: Always be mindful when handling sharp edge dice. If you hold them too tightly you might end up losing hit points!

Every set of liquid core dice includes a metal box (black) for safe keeping along with a small, colorful organza dice bag.

* D.Va nendoroid not included.


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Dimensions 9,6 × 6,2 × 2,2 cm


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