Flames of the Phoenix

Flames of the Phoenix


Brimming with power, these magical artifacts that contain the flames of a living phoenix are all that’s left of Elianna the Brave.

“No other sorcerer had ever attempted to harness the power of a living phoenix, yet Elianna would not be deterred. After decades of research she finished a spell that indeed managed to contain Phoenix Flames, but the resulting implosion destroyed the intrepid sorcerer along with her house and gardens. All that remained were these stones, which are said to curse whoever tries to use them.”

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This resin set consists of two main colors: pink (with glitters) and yellow. Due to them mixing together you’ll also see (light) red or semi-orange appear in the swirls. The random distribution and mixing of colors give every die a unique pattern; no set looks the same! Included with each set is a multi-colored organza bag for safe keeping.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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