Neon Mists


Luminescent beacons to ward off the encroaching shadows.

“As the inky tendrils of darkness draw near, a radiant glow illuminates your path. Will you heed its call?”


Forged from the crystalline essence of the realms, these clear resin dice bear the delicate traces of shadow, their very souls aflame with neon numerals that pierce the void. Enchanted in hues of yellow, orange, pink, and green, they are custom-crafted to order, birthed with care by a skilled artisan. Within the heart of each die lies the mark of its uniqueness, a testament to their handcrafted origins.

Every set finds a home in a matching color dice bag, their brilliance manifesting in every aspect. From their luminous numbers to the very shroud that cradles them, do you dare to wield the power of the Neon Mists?


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Weight 30 g


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