What’s in a Name?

May 12, 2023

After a good brain-storm session I’ve finally come up with what I think is a much better name for the first gemstone dice set I sold in my webshop, The Stripe is Right.

While at the time this name felt like a good fit, lately it’s begun to irk me, since it didn’t really fit with the overall idea that I have of giving each of the sets in my shop a unique name that somehow ties in to the world I’ve created for them. Some sets were easy to name (like Candy Corn Calamity), but others, like this – in my opinion – beautiful gemstone set just didn’t seem to click.

Until a few days ago! I just sat down and started to brainstorm, came up with a lot of names and took my time in eliminating them based on how well they fit. In the end, I even combined two names I came up with to settle on… Oasis of Fortune! Finally this gorgeous set has its own name and place in the mythology of my as-of-yet unnamed DnD-inspired world, and to celebrate this occasion Oasis of Fortune is now on sale, both on my website and on Etsy! It might not seem like a big deal, but for me it is, because now they truly feel like they’re part of my expanding inventory!

So, I hope you like the name as well, and if you were to buy them, I hope some of that good luck and fortune will rub off on you!