Oasis of Fortune

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Legend tells of a mysterious place, called the Oasis of Fortune, hidden deep within the Desert of Bones.

“When an adventurer is strong enough to overcome their greed and only take one single gem from this place, they are blessed with good luck and boundless fortune. They’ll be able to overcome any challenge that stands in their way, whether it’s rolling the dice in a game of chance or emerging victorious from a battle. Legend or not, these precious gems, layered with the colors of water, sand and rock, have become a prized possession for anyone who seeks to make their mark on the world.”


This agate gemstone set stands out with its beautiful layers of turquoise, beige and brown, and their colors are complimented by the silver numbers. The weight of these dice makes them feel comfortable to roll. Due to these dice being made from a natural gemstone the pattern of each die is completely unique, as shown in the photos.

Caution: Gemstone dice should only be rolled on a soft surface, like a felt-lined dice tray, to avoid scratches.

A hexagonal, black PU leather box is included with each set of dice, as well as a small, colorful organza dice bag.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10,7 × 9,5 × 3,3 cm


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