Faerie Moss

Faerie Moss


Wisps of golden light fill the air and dance around the lucky adventurer whose feet touch Faerie Moss.

“Shaped like footsteps, patches of Faerie Moss can only be found in remote locations where free Faeries gather to celebrate the birth of a new generation. The spell-enhancing properties of this moss are highly prized, not only because of its rarity, but also its fragile nature. Seasoned adventurers know to always carry an enchanted pair of gloves with them to gently scoop up the moss and place it in a magically sealed container. When touched without these precautions, Faerie Moss withers away in seconds.”

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This set is made of transparent green resin with gold foil flakes mixed in. The numbers are painted with a gold-colored ink. Because they are handcrafted, you can expect to see slight differences in number/placement of the foil flakes in each die. A multi-colored organza bag is included with each set for safe keeping.

* Dinosaur not included.


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