Copper Dragon

Copper Dragon


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Copper Dragons delight in luring adventurers into their territory by letting the sun hit their scales to entice treasure seekers to follow them on a fool’s chase.*

“Adventurer, trust me, and stock up on some jokes, riddles and funny stories. They might one day be your only chance to escape from a Copper Dragon’s lair.”

Most seasoned adventurers abandon their chase as soon as they realize what they’re chasing, with only the dragon’s booming laughter a reminder of how they avoided certain death. However, bards, with their nigh-endless amount of riddles, jokes and songs, have on average a fair chance enter and leave a Copper Dragon’s lair unscathed due to these magical monsters’ love of entertainment.

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This majestic set of solid metal dice has a beautiful copper color. Their weight makes these dice more balanced as opposed to lighter resin dice. If you’ve only ever used resin dice before on your adventures, the heaviness of these metal dice might take a bit of getting used to! The black numbers make them easy to read and the added engravings around each number give these dice a distinct, almost ancient, look.

Each set is packaged and sent in a black metal box, along with a small, colorful organza dice bag.

*Dinosaur not included.


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