Metal Marauders


Clad in magic-infused armor bands of Metal Marauders carve their path across the briny expanse.

“Beware the sun’s reflection upon men of solemn steel,
For they roam the restless waves with nigh-unrelenting zeal.
With magic coursing through their veins they plunder and they raid,
No mercy in their hearts or minds, no debt is left unpaid.
So heed this warning, all those brave enough to sail the sea,
Heed the sight of steel and let the Metal Marauders be.” ~ Old children’s rhyme

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Like the legendary Marauders who scour the seas this set of solid metal dice commands attention. The intricate details, like the steering wheel on each face and the small pirate skulls that adorn the corners, really add to the nautical theme of this set.

Heavy as they are they roll really well; just make sure to use a rolling tray or at the very least use a padde surface to avoid any kind of accidental damage to your table. Their armored surfaces glint with the promise of adventures on distant shores. And in their, where the horizon meets the ocean’s embrace, the Metal Marauders reign supreme in their watery dominion.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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