The Dragon’s Gaze


Behold The Dragon’s Gaze, a set of solid metal dice crafted by the most skilled of artisans! Each die mirrors the essence of dragons long lost to time. 

“Roll the Dragon’s Gaze if you dare, but don’t be surprised if their kin comes calling…” – Ancient text found in the destroyed city of El’Kunith

The eyes, orbs of ancient wisdom, gleam with arcane secrets; the scales, a testament to battles fought in eras long forgotten; and the sharp horns, a reminder of the deadly might of these majestic beings that once ruled the skies. Feel the pulse of draconic energy coursing through these dice and may your rolls be as legendary as the creatures whose essence resides within!

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When you hold these metallic treasures in your hands, be careful of the sharp horns! To safeguard your possessions, a dice tray or a soft, padded surface is recommended for rolling to protect against unintended scrapes or scuffs on either the dice or on the surfaces beneath. Each set is packaged securely in protective material to make sure neither the dice nor their packaging will be damaged. You’ll receive a complimentary black velvet dice bag for safekeeping.

Please be aware that the color of these dice can change depending on the light source, as seen in the two photos of the D6 (first: studio light, second: low natural light).

* Dinosaur not included.


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