Red Flower Shield


This magic silver shield, imbued with the power of nature, protects its wearer by sprouting defensive vines to stop enemies in their tracks.

“When the vines aren’t powerful enough to deter an attack, small buds open to reveal red flowers that release a scent powerful enough to put even raging barbarians to sleep.”

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This gorgeous set of silver-colored, solid metal dice is adorned with lovely little red flowers and yellow branches. They are very well-balanced due to their weight as opposed to lighter resin dice. The heaviness might take some getting used to, but once you’ve gotten the hang of it, they will roll true! Thanks to the black numbers these dice are easy to read. You may see slight differences in pattern or coloring, but this only makes them more unique!

Each set comes with a black metal box and a colorful organza dice bag.

*Dinosaur not included.


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Additional information

Weight 210 g
Dimensions 11,5 × 8,5 × 2,4 cm


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