The Risen


The Risen, magically created remnants from a war long forgotten, scour Enuria in search of their lost God.

Their white skin, pulled taut over spiked bones, is adorned the blood, both fresh and old, of their slain foes. They have no mouth, just three vertical slits. They lack a nose, and their eyes are four in number, all as black as the heart of Ulyoth, the dead God who supposedly spawned them. No one knows how many there are left. No one knows why they attack one village, then leave the next. All that’s known is this:

“Though the stories and legends surrounding The Risen do not tell us of their motives, all of them agree on one thing: When they come for you, you run. You run and you don’t look back.” ~ Alain Ser Duann, the Queen’s Sword Master

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White as the skin of The Risen, with blood spatter displayed on each face, these solid metal dice are sure to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies once you roll them. Though, if they are as enigmatic as the mysterious race they are based on, they might just decide to favor your enemies instead… Roll with caution if you decide to wield the power of The Risen!

Each set will be safely packaged in a black metal dice box along with a colorful organza bag for safekeeping. Make sure to use a dice tray or a soft, padded surface when rolling them to protect against unintended scrapes or scuffs on your table.

* Dinosaur not included.


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