Clear as Dice


With their soft, lavender hue these crystal clear glass dice are beholden only to the pure of heart. *

“For those with a good heart these stones will be as transparent as the ocean off the Coast of Azem. For those with darkness in their soul they will become murky like the stagnant waters of the Larenese Swamps. Do you dare to take them from me still?”



Like with water of the clearest lake you can see right through these glass dice. They are free of blemishes and impurities and will show only the truth if a seasoned sorcerer or wizard looks through them. Of course they also serve their purpose of being rolled for initiative or damage as well as any other set of dice!

Caution: Since these dice are made from glass I would highly recommend to only roll them on a soft surface like a table cloth or a felt-lined dice tray in order to avoid scratches or blemishes. That way you’ll be sure to keep them with you for a lifetime of enjoyment!

All gemstone sets include a hexagonal black PU leather box for safe keeping along with a small organza dice bag.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10,7 × 9,5 × 3,3 cm


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