My Sweetest Dice

My Sweetest Dice


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“Even chaotic evil adventurers can’t resist the tantalizing temptation of these soft colored beauties once they lay eyes on them.”

This set of agate gemstone dice has a mixture of lovely pink, white and soft grey colors in unique patterns. No two dice are the same, so you are guaranteed to receive a truly one-of-a-kind dice set.


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Due to the nature of agate the patterns and colors can vary wildly from set to set and even from die to die. The colors range from bright pink (as seen on the D20) to an almost pale white (as seen on the percentage die) to a soft grey. You may also come across a few small imperfections (like little black lines or dots), which are perfectly natural and sometimes appear between two different colored bands. This is simply a part of the unique nature of this gemstone.

Caution: Since these dice are made from precious stone, I would highly recommend to only roll them on a soft surface like a table cloth or a felt-lined dice tray in order to avoid scratches or blemishes.

A hexagonal, black PU leather box is included with each set of dice to keep them safe, along with a small, multi-colored organza dice bag.

* Dinosaur not included


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