Guardian Grimalkin

Guardian Grimalkin


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Sleek and agile, the blue-eyed Guardian Grimalkin imprint on their intended charge and defend them with their life.

“I’m, I’m tellin’ ya, it was like they was fightin’ an army o’ those things! That beast, it was everwhere! Spells just, just bounced off it, and it tore through ’em like paper. I’m tellin’ ya, son, you ain’t want nothin’ t’do with one o’ those cats. They’ll rip yer throat out before ye can even think about fightin’.”



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The striking blue of these Cat’s Eye dice resembles that of a Guardian Grimalkin, a smaller but no less fearsome species of Grimalkin that gets bound to its charge through an intricate ritual only known by the Enigmata. Once bound the spell is breakable only through the death of either the Grimalkin or its charge. Both the breeding and training of Guardian Grimalkins are a closely-guarded secret of the Enigmata, whose Order Hall is protected by these ferocious cats.

Caution: Since these beautiful dice are made from a precious stone it is highly recommended to only roll them on a soft surface, like a tablecloth or a felt-lined dice tray in order to avoid scratches or blemishes. That way you’ll be sure to keep them in pristine condition!

A hexagonal, black PU leather box is included with each set of dice to keep them safe, along with a small, multi-colored organza dice bag.

* D.Va nendoroid not included.


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