Imperial Grimalkin

Imperial Grimalkin


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“The deep, purple glow of the Imperial Grimalkin’s eyes has been the last sight of many a magick-wielder who tried to ensnare the mind of those rich or paranoid enough to afford one of these regal cats.”

The largest and most imposing of the domesticated Grimalkin, these grey-furred felines are immune to mind-control magick.

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Like the eyes of an Imperial Grimalkin these dice, made from Cat’s Eye, will seemingly change color when looked at from a different angle. This deep, at times almost black-looking purple set of dice will surprise you with its almost bright color when it catches the light.

Caution: Since these beautiful dice are made from a precious stone it is highly recommended to only roll them on a soft surface, like a tablecloth or a felt-lined dice tray in order to avoid scratches or blemishes. That way you’ll be sure to keep in pristine condition!

A hexagonal, black PU leather box is included with each set of dice to keep them safe, along with a small, multi-colored organza dice bag.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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