Imperial Grimalkin


The largest and most imposing of the domesticated Grimalkin, these grey-furred felines are immune to mind-control magick.

“The deep, purple glow of the Imperial Grimalkin’s eyes has been the last sight of many a magick-wielder who tried to ensnare the mind of those rich or paranoid enough to afford one of these regal cats.”

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Like the eyes of an Imperial Grimalkin these dice, made from Cat’s Eye, will seemingly change color when looked at from a different angle. This deep, at times almost black-looking purple set of dice will surprise you with its almost bright color when it catches the light.

Caution: Since these beautiful dice are made from a precious stone it is highly recommended to only roll them on a soft surface, like a tablecloth or a felt-lined dice tray in order to avoid scratches or blemishes. That way you’ll be sure to keep in pristine condition!

A hexagonal, black PU leather box is included with each set of dice to keep them safe, along with a small, multi-colored organza dice bag.

* The Child/Grogu not included.


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Weight 110 g
Dimensions 10,7 × 9,5 × 3,3 cm


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