• Clad in magic-infused armor bands of Metal Marauders carve their path across the briny expanse.

    "Beware the sun's reflection upon men of solemn steel, For they roam the restless waves with nigh-unrelenting zeal. With magic coursing through their veins they plunder and they raid, No mercy in their hearts or minds, no debt is left unpaid. So heed this warning, all those brave enough to sail the sea, Heed the sight of steel and let the Metal Marauders be." ~ Old children's rhyme

    April 17, 2024

  • Close-up of Gemstone Polyhedral Dice Set, Pink/White/Grey Colors

    "Even chaotic evil adventurers can't resist the tantalizing temptation of these soft colored beauties once they lay eyes on them."

    This set of agate gemstone dice has a mixture of lovely pink, white and soft grey colors in unique patterns. No two dice are the same, so you are guaranteed to receive a truly one-of-a-kind dice set.


    February 25, 2023

  • Luminescent beacons to ward off the encroaching shadows.

    "As the inky tendrils of darkness draw near, a radiant glow illuminates your path. Will you heed its call?"

    February 25, 2023

  • Legend tells of a mysterious place, called the Oasis of Fortune, hidden deep within the Desert of Bones.

    "When an adventurer is strong enough to overcome their greed and only take one single gem from this place, they are blessed with good luck and boundless fortune. They’ll be able to overcome any challenge that stands in their way, whether it's rolling the dice in a game of chance or emerging victorious from a battle. Legend or not, these precious gems, layered with the colors of water, sand and rock, have become a prized possession for anyone who seeks to make their mark on the world."

    March 1, 2023

  • This magic silver shield, imbued with the power of nature, protects its wearer by sprouting defensive vines to stop enemies in their tracks.

    "When the vines aren't powerful enough to deter an attack, small buds open to reveal red flowers that release a scent powerful enough to put even raging barbarians to sleep."

    February 20, 2023

  • Living magic caught in liquid, swirling and shimmering, always trying to escape its confines.

    "There's no such thing as living magic!" - Theran, Head Wizard of Umbril, two days before his remains were found in a locked room amidst the broken glass of a Shimmering Sand orb.

    May 11, 2023

  • Trapped in transparent resin, these glittering silver crystals will bloom forever.

    "These mystic gemstones make for the perfect companion on your treacherous journey. They offer protections against wraiths, devils, lycanthropes, and other monstrous foes. No, no, please, there's no need for coin, for you, they are gifted freely. May their enchantment bless your path more than it did the last soul I bestowed them upon..."

    February 25, 2023

  • Behold The Dragon's Gaze, a set of solid metal dice crafted by the most skilled of artisans! Each die mirrors the essence of dragons long lost to time. 

    "Roll the Dragon's Gaze if you dare, but don't be surprised if their kin comes calling..." - Ancient text found in the destroyed city of El'Kunith

    The eyes, orbs of ancient wisdom, gleam with arcane secrets; the scales, a testament to battles fought in eras long forgotten; and the sharp horns, a reminder of the deadly might of these majestic beings that once ruled the skies. Feel the pulse of draconic energy coursing through these dice and may your rolls be as legendary as the creatures whose essence resides within!

    February 3, 2024

  • The Risen, magically created remnants from a war long forgotten, scour Enuria in search of their lost God.

    Their white skin, pulled taut over spiked bones, is adorned the blood, both fresh and old, of their slain foes. They have no mouth, just three vertical slits. They lack a nose, and their eyes are four in number, all as black as the heart of Ulyoth, the dead God who supposedly spawned them. No one knows how many there are left. No one knows why they attack one village, then leave the next. All that's known is this:

    "Though the stories and legends surrounding The Risen do not tell us of their motives, all of them agree on one thing: When they come for you, you run. You run and you don't look back." ~ Alain Ser Duann, the Queen's Sword Master

    April 17, 2024